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2012 jazz Harvest

Eating locally and seasonally

We’d like to encourage fruit and vegie shoppers to learn a bit about favourite types and varieties, so you can recognise what’s in season locally. “Locavorism, provenance & seasonal eating” are on the lips of every chef for very good reason: if you try to shop by these rules of thumb, your shopping basket will rack up fewer food miles, support Australian farming families & communities, and best of all – the food will taste better and be better for you.

One way we walk this talk is setting up a stall at our local farmers market in Manjimup, which is on the first and third Saturday mornings of each month. Have a look at We feature the best of what’s in season locally, and spend time chatting to market-goers about different varieties and how we grow them so beautifully!

We hope more people are beginning to realise that behind the façade of mass produced cheap food – particularly imported, out-of-season foods ¬- there are often extremely unsustainable production and transport practices. If the environmental and social ill-effects of cheap food were actually factored in, we’d see a very high true food “cost.”

The ValleyView fruit basket: seasonal and tasting info

Whichever you choose, if you like your apples crunchy then please keep them in the fridge!

Royal Gala: The first cab off the rank, the Royal Gala harvest begins late February. Crisp and sweet with distinctive red and cream stripes, Royals are best enjoyed early to mid-season. After about August they can become floury. Avoid choosing fruit with a deep golden yellow background; these are either over-ripe or have been stored too long. Galas are great for cooking, particularly in apple and tomato sauces.

Fuji: Next to be picked in early April, Fujis are one of the sweetest apples and also nice and crisp. Dull reddish-brown in colour, Fujis store well in the medium term, until about September.

Jazz™: A newer variety developed in New Zealand and picked around the same time as Fuji, Jazz are a delicious cross of Royal Gala and Braeburn. Pink-red over a light green background, Jazz are a firm and dense apple with a tangy, sweet flavour. You’ll find organic Jazz packs in Coles and Woolies around June.

Granny Smith: one of Australia’s favourites and the quintessential cooker, Grannies are picked from April to May and store extremely well long-term. In fact, you can still find good crisp and tart organic Grannies until November. And if you ever get the chance, eat a granny ripe off the tree in June: we guarantee you’ll never experience a better apple!

Pink Lady: Arguably the world’s greatest apple, grown best where it was born! The last variety to come off our trees before winter, ValleyView Organics’ Pink Lady apples have a fantastic pink blush over a light green-light yellow background. They’re incredibly crispy and notably tart-sweet in flavour. A cross between Golden Delicious and Lady William, Pinks are harvested in May-June and, like Grannies, store very well long-term, so are a great choice from mid-year until about November for eating and cooking.