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Harvey Giblett and grandchildren in the ValleyView Orchard

We're working towards a safer and greener future.

We’re hoping to open the minds of WA apple lovers to organic fruit, and educate people to appreciate that lower yields and significantly higher growing costs in organic farming means shoppers can expect to pay a slightly higher price.  For example, our current organic yields are around 30 tonnes per hectare, whereas they are about 60 tonnes per hectare in our neighbouring conventionally-grown orchards. 

Our family directors have sustainability & green practices as a stated business objective, with an audit to include wind and solar trials to ameliorate some of the business’ power needs, and the preservation of remaining tracts of natural forest on our farms as carbon sinks.

All our farms benefit wherever possible from the introduction of the most up-to-date and integrated pest, disease, water and soil management practices.
At the end of the day, we’re generational farmers, and that means we believe we are in a privileged position to act as stewards of the land.

Our basic premise is to ensure we have the least possible impact on the natural environment while producing the best quality, tastiest and healthiest fruit we can.  It is quite simply our responsibility to those who will come after us. 

We recognise how fortunate we are to be the caretakers of such a magnificent portion of the planet here in the Southern Forests, and strive to create a better balance between the production of premium quality healthy food and the maintenance of our pristine growing environment.